Annotated Working Bibliography on Māori-Medium Education

Unfortunately there is not a lot of recent good literature on Māori-Medium Education. Three worthwhile publications include:

(1) A good overview of Māori-medium education is May, S., & Hill, R. (2008). Māori-medium education: current issues and challenges. In N. H. Hornberger (Ed.), Can schools save indigenous languages? (pp. 66-98). New York: Palgrave. Unfortunately print only.

(2) A more recent article is May, S. (2013). Indigenous immersion education: International developments. Journal of Immersion and Content-Based Education.(1) 1, pp. 34-69. ‎PDF here.

(3) Meaney, T., Trinick, T., & Fairhall, U. (2012). Collaborating to meet language challenges in indigenous mathematics classrooms. New York: Springer.

This book focuses on the development of Māori mathematics in a well known, highly successful Māori-medium school, Te Kura Kaupapa Māori o Te Koutu. It provides insights into the issues of teaching technical subjects such as mathematics through the medium of an endangered indigenous language.

(4) Also see the Education Counts Māori education publications.


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