A Very Brief Annotated Working Bibliography on Māori Language Policy, 2019 Edition

There is not a lot of recent good literature on Māori language policy, especially writing discussing recent happenings such as The Māori Language Act 2016 and the formation of Te Mātāwai. Key Māori language policy authors include Nathan Albury, Richard Benton, Julia de Bres, Rawinia Higgins, Stephen May and Bernard Spolsky.

Regrettably most of the literature below is only accessible via libraries or requires some form of payment.


Worthwhile publications include:

(1) Benton, R. A. (2015). Perfecting the partnership: revitalising the Māori language in New Zealand education and society 1987–2014. Language, Culture and Curriculum, 28(2), 99-112. doi:10.1080/07908318.2015.1025001

(2) A good overview of Māori-medium education is May, S., & Hill, R. (2008). Māori-medium education: current issues and challenges. In N. H. Hornberger (Ed.), Can schools save indigenous languages? (pp. 66-98). New York: Palgrave. Unfortunately print only.

(3) May, S. (2013). Indigenous immersion education: International developments. Journal of Immersion and Content-Based Education, (1)1, 34-69. ‎PDF here.

(4) Good introductions to language policy include;

Spolsky, B. (2004). Language Policy. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press.

Spolsky, B. (2018). A modified and enriched theory of language policy (and management). Language Policy. doi:10.1007/s10993-018-9489-z

The Crown's strategy for Māori Language revitalization

The Maihi Karauna is the Crown’s Strategy for Māori Language Revitalisation 2018 – 2023.

A rather grandiose scheme with no details on how it could possibly be achieved.


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